Blackpool Rifle and Pistol Club

The Blackpool Rifle and Pistol Club has been established for more than 30 years, providing the people of Blackpool and the Fylde coast with a good, safe and friendly place to partake in the sport of target shooting. As a club we shoot for fun as well as for competition in local and national leagues.

We have members from all sections of the community, and our club is accessible to people with Disabilities such as mobility problems.


The Club offers target shooting facilities to both beginners and experts. Tuition and the use of Club equipment is free of charge.

Members can compete in both national and local leagues against other competitors at the same level of expertise, or you may just shoot for fun if you wish. The competitions are carried out on our home range and are witnessed so there is no cheating, and the targets posted to designated scorers. The scorers then send out results to the participating teams. This means that members can compete against teams from throughout the country without the need to travel.


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Off Jepson Way, Off Common Edge Road
Lancashire FY4 5FH
Mobile: 07780777880